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Thursday, November 03, 2005

&! 2 more days to go! ;

Wow...just 2 more days to go before the Big Day...our very own first, full-length concert!

It's been a hectic and stressed out month of October, what with preparing the repertoire, memorising the songs and the scripts, getting the choreography done, deciding on costumes, persuading yet more freinds to buy the tickets...

It certainly didn't help that I ended up in hospital on Sunday (30 Oct) for a minor surgery - to remove my haemorrhoids - or piles as some of you may know it. Even now, I am still suferring through the pain...I don't really wanna talk about the ordeal - I just hope that I can put up a good show on Sat!

It's been a long while since anyone of us has blogged. Guess for the older people like me, I'm still not used to blogging...never had this before...plus, there's been so much going on that I guess most of us are also tired out at the end of the day. No energy to blog...

Did I mention that we had a great time during our retreat? KE went on a retreat from 7-9 October and we stayed at the YWCA. That was when we polished up our script and worked on choreography with practically every song. A big "thank you" to Marianne, who came down specially just to work with us on Do-Re-Mi. She's great! Enjoyed working with her. Even though we got stressed out and there were the occassional temper flare-ups (which is inevitable), I think at the end of it, we all benefitted from the retreat. Hmm...didn't someone take some pics of us?!

The "new look" of our website is scheduled to be launched during our concert. Hope it can be ready by then! Thanks Shurn for putting in O.T. to get it done!

Oh yeah, did I say anything about the recording? After rushing into the studio and recording 10 songs, we now find that we can't release the album due to copyright issues. Can't believe that none of the big publishers own a famous song like "Unforgettable"!! Anyway, mixing was a bitch and Desmond (our sound engineer) and I spent quite a few hours in the studio trying to get the sounds right. Sigh....all those late nights...can die!

So now, we have decided to release a single consisting 4 tracks to be released on Sat in conjunction with our concert! Hope our fans will buy them! It will contain 2 english and 2 chinese songs. The chinese songs will NOT be available in the album, so this makes the single a good buy!

For those people who occassionally pop in here, I hope this blog-ful of information is worth your while! Thanks for visiting us! Come back often!

Now I really have to go and rest...


7:44 PM

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

&! Key Elements proudly presents JAZZ @ the MOVIES ;

proudly presents

5 November 2005
Victoria Concert Hall
7:30 P.M.
Tickets $35, $25 and $15(students)
Available through YMCA (Orchard)

original arrangements by
Jason Ong & Benedict Goh

Do Re Mi (The Sound of Music)
Spiderman Theme (Spiderman)
Beyond The Sea (Finding Nemo)
Fly Me To The Moon (Down With Love)
Route 66 (Earth Girls Are Easy)
Fallen (Pretty Woman)

Make a date with Key Elements and come share in an evening filled with smooth grooves and electrifying entertainment for young and old. For more details, please visit the following website:

Thank you and hope to see you there!

Best regards,

9:40 AM

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

&! Update! Update! ;

Harllow, this blog is so dead. Let's recollect what has happened in these past months. KE has been performing a lot and working very hard for our concert which will be coming in a month's time. Meanwhile, we're also busy with recording our very first jazz a cappella album - "Jazz For The Record" (pun intended :P ) For those non-linguistically inclined readers who might go 'HUH?' it reads like " 'juz' for the record".

Anyway, we have done a lot of shows in just these couple of months. Just for the record (haha), we performed for we Flipside @ the Esplanade (13-14 Jun), sang at the Christening Dinner of 'Luweck Swan' @ Equinox (15 Jul), did an Esplanade Lunchbox Concert (26 Jul), sang at a National Day Observance Dinner at Bishan (6 Aug) and A Cappella Attack @ West Coast part (20 Aug), ExonnMobil Campus Concert Series @ University Cultural Centre, NUS (7 Sep) and also appeared in A Cappella Fest 2005 (8 Sep). And most recently, we also did a workshop with The Magnets at The Arts House (25 Sep).

And now having done all that, it's time to slow things down a little and just focus on our concert preparation. We really need to tie loose ends and set things right, be it musically or administratively. It's really a lot of work. This coming concert (on 5 Nov) will be the very first full-length concert that KE has ever performed for. It is part of our efforts in developing ourselves professionally. We have done gigs from weddings to D&Ds and even had a mini-concert at UCC, it's time for us to do a REAL concert on our own. And it will be the cornerstone in marketing our group to our neighbouring countries and perhaps to europe and U.S., which hopefully can set us up for tours and overseas performances in Jazz Festivals and A Cappella summits.

So we hope to have your support to help realise our dream. Please make a date with us on 5 November at Victoria Concert Hall, 7:30pm, 'coz we promise you an experience you will never forget. "Jazz @ the Movies" is our theme and you will get to hear blockbuster themes & familiar favourites given a refreshing twist. Some of the songs are premiering for the 1st time. Also, keep a look-out for our jazz-album as it will be on sale during our concert.

So much for updating. Hope you will continue to support KE! Once again details of our concert below:

Jazz @ the Movies
5 November, Saturday
Victoria Concert Hall
7:30 P.M.
Tickets @ $35, $25 and $15 (Students)
through YMCA

For details on ticketing, drop us a note at

Hope to see you there!

12:28 AM

Saturday, August 27, 2005

&! NEWSFLASH: Exxonmobil Campus Concert Series ;

Featuring: Key Elements
Date: 7 Sept 2005 (Wed)
Time: 7-8pm
Venue: University Cultural Centre, NUS
Admission: FREE

Dear friends,
Key Elements will be putting another performance yet again, in promotion of our year-end full-length concert. This is chance for you catch us in action and hear some of your familiar blockbuster favourites done up in new, snazzy jazzy and electrifying arrangements. So make a date with us and be enthralled by the voices of Key Elements. It's a great way to spend the evening and get recharged for the rest of the week. See you there!

Best regards,
for Key Elements

1:28 AM

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

&! Lunchbox at the Esplanade ;

Key Elements performed at the concert hall of The Esplanade this afternoon. Was quite surprised that it was so well attended as it was raining the entire morning. And it was lunchtime, so knowing the average Singaporean's love for food, I didn't think many people would spare the time to watch us sing during their all-important lunch hour.

We've sung at the Esplanade before, but that was their Flipside programme, which took place in the concourse, not in the main halls. This afternoon, though, we had the privilege of singing in the concert hall.

We (the first of us who arrived, anyway - the rest were late, as usual) were ushered by staff member Faith to the green room. We were quite impressed as the rooms were kitted out by the Oriental Hotel next door. Very luxurious wallpapers and curtains. There was a plush arm chair and a chaise lounger. The sink was the posh bowl type (the type that splashes all over, unfortunately). Could stay in the room the whole day!

The hall was huge, but thankfully we weren't overwhelmed by the occasion. I thought we did pretty well. The only moment of panic came when Ben had the urge to go just before we went on. But Ben was a trooper and tahan all the way through.

To those who attended, hope you had a an enjoyable time - thanks for your support. Hope the Esplanade invites us back for more shows - I want to experience that green room again!

Kim Beng

12:21 AM

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

&! Back To Normal...Almost! ;

Whew! Thank God Music In Motion and the NKF show are finally over!

Being producer of a large-scale concert involving 200+ teenagers with raging hormones and adrenaline is NOOOO fun....can die... I'm so glad I survived it! It was really tough going at times, having to look after a hundred and one things (ranging from visiting Victoria Theatre to measure stage dimensions, buying cloth for O Fortuna, overseeing the booklet design, collating all info the the booklet from all 4 schools, to helping out with band and stage equipment, and playing impromptu for several songs...) but it was also incredibly rewarding. I'm so glad the students who took part got their chance to perform in such a venue. Not everyone will have that chance.

For those who watched the 2nd NKF Cancer Charity show on 9 July (Sunday), and caught the five pretty artistes (Lee Lian, Nh Hui, Jamie Teo, Jesseca Liu and Ai Leng) doing a Shanghai Medley a cappella - yup! I was roped in to coach them for a month+ before this event. It was hard work as there wasn't much time plus I had to shuffle between Music In Motion and this thing. At one stage I was at Media Corp 3-4 times a week. Super siong! But at least it came out quite decently. Coming from 5 ladies who have never sung a cappella before, this is quite an acheivement for them! And thanks to Ben who arranged the song!

So now everything's pretty much back to normal...except we've got our next show to put up, which is next Tuesday...arrrggghhh! Thank goodness I'm pretty much done with the repertoire...memorised almost all of it. Just have to sort out the choreo with the guys tonight...

Soooooooo looking forward to my Bangkok trip with Kim next week. I NEED A BREAK!!!!! :-)


9:25 AM

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

&! Lunchbox: Jazz from the Movies ;

Jazz from the Movies
Key Elements
When: 26 Jul 2005 (Tue), 12.45 PM at the Esplanade Concert Hall

If you have an appetite for jazz or a cappella music and want to hear such music from your favourite movie, come fill your lunch-hour with a soulful, humorous and riveting performance by a capella group, Key Elements! They promise to satisfy you with familiar blockbuster movie tunes and standards like Fly Me To The Moon, Route-66 and even a Teresa Teng number! Each song will be given a refreshing treatment and guarantees to send you humming and swinging your way back to work.

(30mins, no intermission)

Admission is FREE

Another Esplanade Presents Programme
Key Elements is a YMCA associate for the arts 2005
For more information on Key Elements, visit http://I-Lurve-KE.com

7:31 PM

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